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Engel Classic

We are the vintage and classic vehicle manufacture in Germany’s Fichtel Mountains. Already since 1959, we have been committed to the most emotional way of driving. Whether you are looking for support on the hunt for the vehicle of your dreams or your classic requires a “frame-off” restoration – we are the right partner for you.

Quality is our passion


The heart of a car is its engine. Only when it runs smoothly and reliably, you will enjoy the full pleasure of riding your vehicle. Our engine and gearbox department mechanics still own the expertise of days long gone. They take pleasure in revising complicated ignition, carburettor and injection systems or entire engines from the ground up. Moreover, we provide contemporary conversions to improve performance or increase stability. Our workshop also reproduces parts that are no longer available. Of course, this also applies to gearboxes and differentials.

No matter if in town, on a winding mountain road or a race track, every classic car needs to sit safely on the road. Hence, we offer measurement and tuning of the chassis, rework existing wheels or commission detailed wheelset replications. On customers’ demand, we also retrofit high-performance brake systems.

When designers were still called framers and car bodies were developed to meet aesthetic needs, vehicles were created so beautiful that they even turn heads today. Nowadays, they remind us of a time that has long gone. Our coachbuilders take care that these time-capsules regain their full charisma. For this, we use as much original material as possible and reproduce parts that cannot be preserved. We do not only work with wood and metal but also fix or reproduce convertible hood frames. Thanks to our laser-controlled car bench, we can even rebuild salvage cars to better than new condition.

When driving a classic car, the high-quality fabric and leather covers, the splendid wood and chrome, make the difference. They let you feel that you are sitting in a masterpiece of craftsmanship – or they do not if not done correctly. Following the customers’ wishes, we carefully rework the interior or carry out more extensive modifications: from the restoration of legroom lining, seats, and roof liner, over the fabrication of leather and wooden steering wheels, to entire conversions for classic car rallies. Of course, we also make sure the electrics of our customers’ cars work as well as on day one.


Small things often matter the most: an original screw, the correct colour of the headlight or an accurate clearance. Quality and perfection down to the last detail are our top priority. Our goal is not just to bring beautiful vehicles back onto the road. When a car leaves our workshop, it ought to be among the best of its class. Complete restoration or preservation of an excellent original condition, race or road vehicle: every project receives the same amount of attention and quality. During the planning phase and carrying out the restoration, we intensively stay in contact with our customers to guarantee their utmost satisfaction. An Engel classic car is not just a means of transportation but an individual piece of craftsmanship.